Position YOOX as a brand who cares for positivity, equality and self-love across diverse communities.
Total views 924.1K
Total Impressions 38.8K
Summary Cooltura designed a TikTok campaign for YOOX to celebrate International Women's Day across their community, targeting Gen-Z and spreading the important message around the Key Movement with a positive and joyful ToV. The campaign consisted of 3 videos, all connected by a Custom Audio produced specifically for the activation.

The first video showed a TikTok poet reading her poetry written specifically for the campaign, with some visuals that enhanced the sound storytelling through body painting and video frames edited in post-production by Cooltura. The second video is centred around dancing, while the third around performance art.

The native and ad-hoc creative content generated a high number of views and an ever growing ER throughout the campaign activity, bringing extremely positive results in terms of Brand awareness, Engagement and Reach.

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