Promoting the release of the docu-serie “Raffa”, released on Disney+.
Summary Disney+ chose Cooltura to create a TikTok Adv campaign focused on promoting the release of the docu-serie “Raffa”, released on Disney+ platform on December 28th. Cooltura’s goal was to promote the release of the docu-series Raffa, based on the life of the extraordinary Raffaella Carrà, both as a show-girl, as an activist, and as a woman. The docu-series had several elements that made it unique, such as unpublished materials and interviews with people who knew or worked with Raffaella. When designing this campaign, Cooltura focused on creativity that could bring out these elements in order to capture the attention of fans and beyond. Cooltura worked on creative strategy, talent selection and management, content creation and post-production editing.

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