What would my Diesel say about me

Engage with the audience with a quirky, unexpected and entertaining creative format that exudes Diesel’s brand ID.
Total views 2.9M
Total likes 776K
Total Interactions 77.9K
Summary The series was elected finalist at Italy’s first TikTok awards for best creative in 2022, representing with Gucci the only fashion brand campaign to make the finals.

We draw inspiration from popular TikTok anthropomorphic filter and POV perspective, but with an unexpected twist that would humanize the brand by focusing specifically on the personality of the garments: irreverent, bold and unapologetically self-expressive.

The trend-informed campaign, for the first time, made fashion items not simply into talking objects, but interactive beings that hold a special and intimate relationship with their owners. The campaign celebrates the connection you have with your favorite fashion pieces, and through a direct, sarcastic and unfiltered exchange gives voice to your garments and leaves you wondering: what would they say about me?

The campaign was Diesel’s most successful to date in terms of engagement and community interaction (likes) compared to media spend.

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