FW22 Collection

Designing and running a 360° content & media campaign across TikTok.
Total views 8.5M
Total likes 69K
Total Interactions 8.5M
Followers 101.9K to 103.5K (+1.6K)
Total followers 1M to 1.1M (+1K)
Summary Cooltura launched with the repositioning of Rinascimento on TikTok and assigned both the creative and the media management for the brand with the objective of growing the account but also producing viral creatives that would create a recognisable identity for Rinascimento.

We revolutionized the way the brand was operating on TikTok, producing TikTok videos that are trend-inspired, creator-led, and leverage key moments and platform hot conversations, with a carefully crafted strategy and agile response to platform movements.

The results were impressive and led to securing a partnership for the year 2023.

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