Fashion Show FW23

Promote the Rinascimento FW23 Fashion Show with a mix of in-house and creator led productions, for maximal coverage of all stages of the event.
Summary Cooltura set out to design a comprehensive creative strategy that would promote all stages of the Rinascimento FW23 Fashion Show in Milan, by covering all stages of the event from teasers (to hint about the Fashion Show before the runaway), to creators-led content produced during the Fashion Show — by showcasing the event from the behind the scenes to the catwalk — and in-house and post-production work for after the event itself, to share recap videos of extra sneak peaks, interesting and unseen moments such as models getting ready, the fitting of the outfits, interviews, and the final video showing all the looks presented during the runaway.

The video campaign features:

· a selection of 3 fashion focused creators, for an optimal reach and production of content that would fit at its best the fashion community
· in-house video production and post-production
· in-house video editing involving graphics design and 3D elements

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