The SS23 Special Project on TikTok has been centred around celebrating the Spring Summer key Moment while creating awareness around the Liu Jo "New Glam" values.
Total views 1M
Total likes 46K
Total Interactions 2.4K
E.R. 5%
Summary Cooltura partnered with Liu Jo to design this creator and trend-driven campaign that aimed at using TikTok and a selection of platform specific talents to create awareness over the values of New Glam and reposition the brand to the community.

The scouted selection of talents were chosen based on their personalities and they managed to really fit the needs of the campaign of revealing the New Glam personality as multifaceted, ongoing, unfiltered, fresh and spontaneous.

The creative concepts have come up as a great success because each video showcased both the personality of the talents and the New Glam Values using trending formats and creative concepts in line with the organic content produced by the talents. Because of that the campaign engaged the community in an effective and enthusiastic way revealing the real new identity of Liu Jo.

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