SS24 Collection

Designing and running a 360°content & media campaign across TikTok.
Summary Cooltura took on the task of revamping Lanieri's image as a men's fashion brand by opening and managing its TikTok profile. Cooltura was assigned both the creative and the media management for the brand, but also worked on the Talent Selection and Management and content production. With the aim of injecting a fresh and catchy vibe into the brand, Cooltura has been actively curating content that resonates with the platform's young and trendy audience. From showcasing the latest fashion trends to behind-the-scenes glimpses of Lanieri's design process, the TikTok profile has become a hub of engaging and visually appealing content. Through creative storytelling and strategic use of TikTok's features, Cooltura has successfully repositioned Lanieri as a vibrant and fashionable brand, capturing the attention of a whole new audience in the process.

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