Reach & Frequency, Traffic about the H-BAG to emphasise the uniqueness of the product.
Summary Cooltura partnered with Hogan to create an Adv campaign that would spread the word about the H-BAG while emphasising the uniqueness of the products and making the audience feel intrigued and eager to find out more.

The campaign consisted of a video series that focused on the singularities of the H-BAG and explored its beauty in an engaging way, starting all videos from the initial 3 questions. Each talent interpreted the questions in their own way, while narrating a unique story about the H-BAG that captivated the viewers.

The videos counted with the participation of 6 creators from Germany and Italy, and were posted organically in Hogan’s TikTok account and also promoted by the brand.

Cooltura worked on the Creative strategy, Talent Selection & Management, Content Creation and Post-production editing.

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