Cooltura is a globally distributed team.

We get brands and creators to collaborate and become coolturally relevant.

COOLTURA is a globally distributed team of big thinkers, creative wizards, dazzling strategists and TikTok specialists.

We encourage a more authentic approach to social media.

Why choose us?

We help you navigate TikTok and truly express all your nuances. We help brands and creators to develop on TikTok and leverage its full potential. We speak TikTok’s language and we can help you join the conversation.

Together we can democratise the future of media industry and create a new social paradigm.

Discover our team.

Francesca Reviglio

Co-Founder & Creator Marketing Director

Mariaelena Traverso

Co-Founder & Chief Executive & Strategy

Davide Tosin

Art Director

Carlotta Reviglio

Project Manager

Alex Mannuzza

Graphic Designer

Saida Calvaruso

TikTok Creator & Scout

Gianluca Rovarotti

Web Developer

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